Tuesday, 14 November 2017

How To Draw Lips – Pencil Drawing For Beginners

Step by step guide to draw human lips

In Previous lesson, you have learned how to draw a human nose. And In this beginner lesson, I am giving you a step by step guide to draw human lips in a simple and sweet way. Are you ready? Let’s get started.
1. First draw a straight guideline like this. And then, Start a curve line from left corner. This should be a little curve line.

2. Now continue to draw like a wave line. 

3. Now erase the straight guide line and try to do adjustment if you need. I am doing this with little bit exaggeration. Purpose of that is to teach you clearly. So in real, there is not too much curves in lips.
4. Now draw two little lines at the middle of the lips as shown in the picture.

5. connect to the corner of both side and your upper lips is done.

6. Now we'll start to draw lower lips like this.

You are done! is it easy?
Remember that, this was a just basic shape of lips. There are so many variations in lips drawing depending on face shape.  Because this is beginner lesson, so I am not going to add shadow and lighting and I am finishing this lesson at this point. In next lesson, you will learn how to draw ears.
Check the whole process video for lips drawing.

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