Thursday, 9 November 2017

How to Draw Human Nose for Beginners

In this beginner lesson, I am going to teach you how to draw a nose in simple and easiest way. This lesson is not about realistic drawing. Realistic drawing requires some sketching, shadowing, and lighting work. I will cover realistic drawing topics in the future.

Because this is beginner lesson, so in this time, it is very good idea to start with just basic concepts and drawing. You will learn all body parts drawing one by one in this website.

So grab paper and pencil and let’s get started. 

Step by Step Guide to Draw a Simple Nose

1: First draw two straight guide lines. Start these line from corner of eyes as shown in the picture.

2:  Now draw a circle in the middle of the lines. We also use this circle as a guide.

3: Now it's time to draw real nose. So now start to draw two curve lines on both side of the circle one by one. Notice, you should not connect these two lines together from the bottom. 

4: Now create two little lines below the lines that you have created in above picture.Also don't touch these line anywhere.

5: Now continue to draw your lines as shown in the picture.

6: And final it should be like this. And it's done. 

Another Easy Method to Draw a Simple Nose in Little Bit Different Style

Now we'll draw a nose with another method and a little different style. You can choose what you like as a beginner point. 

1: Start to draw from top like this.

2: And make curve line.

3: Your drawing should like this. Notice that, middle circle should be large than others.

4: continue drawing and final shape should be like this.

Your drawing is done.  You have created a simple nose. 
And In next lesson, you will learn how to draw lips easily. 
See whole process of nose drawing in this video:

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