Thursday, 23 November 2017

How to Draw Eyes with Pencil - Easy Steps for Beginners

Step by step guide to draw eyes 

In last lesson, you have learned how to draw ears. And in this lesson, you will learn to draw eyes step by step.  

1. First draw a straight line as a guide and then, start to draw a curve line from right. 

2. continue drawing and right corner should go under the guide line as shown in picture.

3. draw another curve line and connect to other corner. 

4. Now draw a circle. It is iris. Note that upper part of the iris is never visible. 

5. Erase the upper part of iris and draw the pupil in the middle of the iris. 

6. Fill pupil area with black color and draw another shape like this.

7. Now draw some lines in the iris. 

8. draw some more lines. 

9. Now add some shadow as shown in the picture. You can easily see which part of eye has more shading.  

10. start to draw eyebrows. 

11. Now do some line art and highlight the area for cool effect. 

That's it. I roughly created this eye in Photoshop. And you can create an excellent eye with pencil. 
Please check this video for more guide.  

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