Friday, 17 November 2017

How To Draw Ears front view – Pencil Drawing For Beginners

Step by step guide to draw human ears from front

In last lesson, you have learned to draw lips. And in this lesson, you will learn how to draw ears step by step.  

1. Start to draw a curve line and go to a little bit upside.

2. Continue to draw downwards.

3. Draw another line that should be closed to first line from right side. End should be a little up.

4. Draw and connect a line to the second one. 

5. Start to draw another curve line. 

6. Now add some shadow and highlight some dark area like this.

7. Rest of the ear should not be to dark. Just add some light shadow. 

That's it. This was a just a simple drawing of ears for beginners student. Soon, I will add an advance tutorial about realistic ear.  
In next lesson, you are going to learn how to draw eyes. 
Let's check out the video for whole process of ears drawing.

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