Sunday, 5 November 2017

How to Draw Cartoon Face Easily | Drawing for Beginners

Simple Steps to Draw a Cartoon Face: Step by Step Guide:

This lesson is for absolute beginners who want to learn how to draw a simple cartoon face very easily. Just grab a paper and pencil and let’s get started.

01: First try to draw an oval or round shape circle like this.
02: Now draw one horizontal line and one vertical line in the middle of the circle shape. We use these two lines only for understanding face proportion. So we can easily create our eyes at the horizontal line.
03: Draw two circles as a eyes.
04: Draw a nose like this
05: Now add a curve line as lips and that is representing a simily face.
06: For adding more details, you can create the eyebrows.
07: Now try create ears like this
08: Now it's time to create some hairs, so draw a curve line for making head.
09: Point two dots at the same level.
10: Now start to draw a line from ears and connect to the dot.
11: Then, connect to the other dot point as shown in the picture.
12: Now complete the head
13: Erase the unnecessary lines as shown in the picture.

14: Give a final touch and your picture should be look like this.
Congratulation!! You have successfully created your first drawing.

wanna know whole process of drawing, watch this video on cartoon face drawing

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