Saturday, 25 November 2017

Basic Proportion of the Face – Pencil Drawing for Beginners

Basic Proportion of the face 

In this lesson, you will learn about basic proportion of the human face and head. For getting best results in human drawing, it is very good idea to know about proper proportion of the face. Also, I am giving you a video at the end of lesson. In that video, I am giving a complete guide to draw face step by step. So please check this out too for better understanding. So let’s get into the lesson. 

1. Start to draw face by creating a simple round circle. Then, expand the shape. 

2. By erasing the unnecessary lines and after the little bit adjustment, finally, your shape should look like this. 

3. Now draw one vertical and one horizontal line at the middle of the shape.

4. Divide the upper section in two parts by drawing one line. Do same thing with lower part of the shape. 

5. Draw another line and divide the lower part in one more section. I am showing this area with pink line. 

6. Pick up the middle line and divide it horizontally in three parts (same size) in both area left and right. 

7. Now draw eyes like this.

I roughly created an eye here. But if you want to go deeply, and want to know how to draw eyes, (iris, pupil etc...) perfectly. I have created a detail lesson about this step by step. You can check this lesson too by clicking the link. 

8. Nose width starts with corner of the eyes. So for this, draw two lines as shown in the picture. And you should draw nose between these two lines. 

9. Try to draw a nose. If you are feeling difficulty, you can check my  another tutorial about how to draw nose step by step

10. Draw two straight lines from pupil (middle of the eye) and that is width of lips. 

11. Create the lips. Also, i have added a lesson how to draw lips. You can check this out.

12. Now it's time to draw ears. Blue line are showing the area of ears.

13. Try to create ears. Also, you can check how to draw ears

14. Now adjust the head. Head should be a little bit wider. So you can expand the head area as shown in picture. 

15. Draw the hair and neck. 

And you are done. I hope, this lesson would be helpful for you and  you have understand the basic proportion of human face. In next lesson, you are going to learn how to draw side view body.
video is here

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