Thursday, 30 November 2017

How to Draw Side View Body – Basic Proportion for Beginners

Learn Basic Proportion for Drawing Side View Person

In previous lesson, we have learned about basic proportion of face/head. And In this lesson, we will learn about basic proportion of the side view pose of human body. Let’s get started.  

1. Make guide line and divide in two section.
2. Divide upper and lower section in two more parts.
3. Draw the head and neck above the top line. 
4. Start to draw a curve line from neck and go down to next lower line. Then, go straight to next point. 
5. Now, draw a curve line as shown in the picture for creating back part of the body.
6. Start to draw legs like this. 
7. Draw the foot. 
8. Now, we'll draw shoulder and hand. So draw a circle between the middle line and back part of body. 
9. continue your drawing and make arms and hands.
You're done! In the part 2, I will teach you how to add more features in your side pose, and how to make your drawing better and more realistic. Good bye. 
Watch the whole video lesson:

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